Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weight and treadmill update

So you might notice I haven't updated my weight in a few days. It is because I simply haven't weighed myself...I think I will tonight though, and see what 3 1/2 days of not weighing myself did. If I am down a couple pounds, I might stick with weighing myself every few days. If I am the same, or went up, I will go back to weighing every day (because like I have said before, seeing a gain motivates me to work harder, even if I know the gain is small and likely just due to fluid or whatever). Anyhow..yah...I will update on the weight later.

Hubby and I went and looked at treadmills today, and found one we liked and agreed on. It isn't the one I posted before, but the same brand and slightly "nicer". I don't know if it would be considered like a "level up" or whatever...but it is just like the one I posted before only the incline goes to 15% instead of 12%, it has some cool shock cushioning system, pre-set workouts, and some other minor details. I also like the display better. I would have been fine with either one, but hubby routinely uses all the way up to 15% incline at the gym, so he really wanted that in a treadmill at home as long as it wasn't too much more expensive.

So here it is: The Nordic Track C900. It is out of stock but we are going this afternoon to order it, and it will be in around February 14th.

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